Interested in doing your own deep dives?! Here is the information that has been collected for each case!

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Season 1: Unsolved Mysteries Edition

Episode 0: No Ride Home

Episode 1: 13 Minutes

Episode 2: House of Terror

Episode 3: Missing Witness

Episode 4: Mystery on the Rooftop

Episode 5: Berkshires UFO

Episode 7: A Death in Oslo

Episode 8: Death Row Fugitive

Episode 9: Lady in the Lake

Episode 10: Tsunami Spirits

Episode 11: Washington Insider Murder

Episode 12: Dateline: Hope Whispers

Episode 13: Stolen Kids

Episode 14: Holiday Hootenanny

Season 2: Famous Fatalities Edition

Episode 17: Brittany Murphy

Episodes 18 & 19: Murder on Middle Beach Eps 1-4

Episode 20: Tupac Shakur

Episode 21: JonBenét Ramsey

Episode 22: Elisa Lam